When it comes to Indian bridal jewelery, colour has suddenly come to the fore.”Bridal jewellery is classic and timeless. It should outlast all trends. Lot of colours has been added to the Indian bridal collections. Indian gold jewelery is bit out from the market in fact we can say it has changed the way it looks. Ethnic jewellery of India will always make its mark but some few new changes have created a new rage of Indian jwellery. Now its time to incorporate -corals,agates,amethysts,rubies,emeralds and sapphires.

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Indian Diamonds the first choice jewellery 1.jpg
-Diamonds are making friends with both the bride and the groom.
-Pink,champagne,green and canary-coloured diamonds are in.
-pink diamonds are quite a rage now.

Platinum or White gold Indian jewelery
-When you have diamonds, platinum cannot be far behind. The pristine gleam of platinum cannot be far behind. The pristine gleam of platinum enhances the dazzle of the diamond as its the most precious metal in the world.

All that glitters
-For those who like special glitter of Midas’s metal,the choice is limitless. There are now variations in gold-a rustic or beaten look, combined with coloured stones inspired by traditional and rajasthani designs.

Antique or Indian ethenic jewelery
-It’s still in or perhaps classic.
-Inlay work with yellow sapphire,fusion jadau,polki and coloured gemstones are some interesting value adds.

Contemporary Classic
-Bridal jewellery should be big,bold no doubt but wearable.
-A style with ease large sets that can be broken into components for easy wearing after wedding.

Watch your style
-Watch are being added to the diamond sets.
-Pastel watch faces in colours like pink and aqua can be paired with there respective sets.

Indian traditional jewelery is slightly changing its look to Indian fashion jewelery to beat up the demand of fashion in very very Indian way.

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