First of all I must tell you what is mehndi actually. It is the art or skill to embellish the various body parts like hands, palms and legs etc. with the help of application of henna. This henna is a paste made from the leaves of henna plant. It is available as readymade in the market. So don’t you begin to imagine that you have to go to the tree to make a fine paste of henna.

arabic mehndi shaded mehndi design


More of you if asked the origin of this mehndi, majority would say that it is India in Punjab or Rajasthan. But now it’s magic has been spread almost all over the world. Especially in India we see the girls, ladies and the grand mas even crazy of the mehndi. Even Amitabh Bacchan is not that popular.

modern mehndi design
In India it was introduced by the Mughals during the 12th century. Anyways In India although it is becoming a fashion statement day by day yet it is treated as a part of culture of hindu, muslims and Punjabis. Specially for the weddings it is highly popular, in India you won’t find a single wedding in which the bridal’s hands are embellished by the beautifully applied mehndi. It has a genuine reason behind the application of this mehndi, that the bride who is about to leave her family forever and has to start a new life ahead definitely needs some special time to be spent with her friends and family members.
Firstly mehndi was used as a medium to keep your hands cool really cool, it was very late when the women started to experiment with the designs of the mehndi. And due to that only it started to gain acceptance in various auspicious occasions like diwali and weddings etc.


The mehndi is applied and left for at least three hours and then when it is rubbed off on drying then the beautiful mehndi is simply irresistible and your heart automatically says even I want to apply the mehndi. Putting mehndi is not very difficult and also now a days readymade cones are available along with the mehndi design books. For best results take care of your mehndi like this :
First of all apply the mehndi oil on your place of putting mehndi with the help of cotton.Then keep applying a little amount of lemon drops on the dried portion of mehndi with the help of cotton.
Finally when you are about to rub off the mehndi then apply the ‘Mustard oil’ on your mehndi by cotton and rub it off after 15-20 minutes. You can rub off your mehndi by cropping your hands together.
So you just read that application of mehndi is not that troublesome. And then you get a beautiful result in return.












There are many styles of applying mehndi like Traditional mehndi design, Arabic mehndi design, Shaded mehndi design, Bridal mehndi design and many more but this is for sure may be any design it enhances the beauty of Indian bride for sure.




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