Every woman loves to wear jewelry! Ahhh… every woman loves to wear the right jewelry. By right jewelry I mean the jewelry wstudded bracelethich performs it’s function of enhancing your most beautiful features and at the same time distracting the attention of others from your undesirable areas. Since a jewelry is not a daily affair to be afforded so you should be very careful while shopping for a jewelry.Here we have some tips for you :

Bracelets: Bracelets should be chosen very carefully keeping in mind the shape of your hands. If your hands are thin, then you should opt for the wide bracelets only because a delicate piece will make your hands look even more lifeless. Wherstone bracelet eas, the one with healthy or heavy hands should refrain from wider bracelets because that would steal the delicacy that should appear in a woman and so they must opt for more delicate pieces in order to maintain a balance.

Necklace: The size of your necklace plays an indispensable role in deciding your appearance as regards the personality. If you want to appear shorter than you are, then you should chose necklines that rest on your bust line. Whereas if you want to appear taller, then you must opt for long V shaped necklaces.



kundan necklacedesigner necklace

small necklace




Earrings: The first thing that you should consider while choosing a pair of earrings is the shape of your face. For a round face refrain from round or looped earrings because that would make your face even rounder, so better switch over to square shaped or triangle shaped earrings that would complimdesigner earingsent your face cut. While square or rectangular shaped faces should opt for smaller earrings to add a bit of softness because long earrings or danglers will increase their harshness of the look. Oval shaped faces are at an advantage, since they can earrings with any shape of their choice.


Although you have got many tips regarding the right choice of jewelry, still the story does not ends up here. The jewelry that you are wearing although is best suited on you but is not of your choice, then the whole story has got no meaning because in thneelam studded earrings at case you would not at all feel comfortable and would cut your confidence, which is one of the best jewelry that anyone can have. So your choice is also very important. Don’t overlook it


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