According to the changes in the seasonal cycles winters are here. Along with it’s chilly winds and the warm and cozy sunrays winter is here at our doorsteps. As this season comes there also occurs a transformation in our dressing sense. In place of to-shirts and shirts the woolens have taken over. The silk bedsheets that were previously used in summers now are being replaced by the blankets etc. So, we see that this seasonal cycle effects the whole of our system like the way we eat, the way we dress etc. So, in such a case it will not be justifiable if we ignore the interiors of our home. Because if we pay even a little attention to our home interiors this winter then our home we will feel a bit more cozy and warmer.
So, if you are interested in do in so then let us proceed.

6Colors Speaks More Than Your Words:

So, the first step towards the preparation of our home for the winters is the choice of the right colors for the season. Now the colors for the scorching sun rays like the pink, lemon, light green, mauve etc should be replaced by colors like the purple, brown, maroon, slaty etc. Even the experts of home interiors would suggest these colors for this season. These colors should be used starting right from the walls to the furnishings, wallpaper, bedcover, carpets etc.


The texture, prints etc of the fabrics used for furnishings shoiuld be like the floral prints, stripes, tree’s motifs etc. will be better. It is the time to say bye bye to the thin cotton, chiffon clothes etc and recall the thick and bright colored fabrics. Only choosing those fabrics and prints that will provide you a warm feel this winter.

Kwilted are the best:

This winters the soft and flirty textures would really do good on the sofas and the beds. So, it would be better that you make use of kwilted fabrics. They will be both comfortable as well as they will look nice as the decorative furnishings. The same way the cushion covers, pillow covers and the bed covers will do good in these colors and fabrics. And if these bed covers and the sofa covers will be in a contrast shades then they will really look good.

Accessories are a big contributor:

In the embellishment of every season there is an important and unique role and contribution of accessories. Now clear glass flower pots, crystal flower pots and the other items for decorations should be kept safely till the summers reproach. In place of these the bronze, bone china, ceramic pots of dark and bright colors should be decorated and show-cased.

Lighting arrangements:

This season the arrangement for the lights also add to the warmth for the extra comfort, and it is possible when there is an addition of the yellow lights instead of florescent lights. The yellow lights should be used in accordance of the place and the need. On the tables the candles should be decorated in the bronze and silver candle stands. And then lit these candles according to the requirement, only the presence of these candles will bring a feel of warmth to your mind.

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