Satya Paul is a renowned name in the world of women’s wear for his creative genius in models the area of exquisite prints. Satya Paul is known for his designs inspired from the Mother Nature. The designer gets the inspiration from the life and from the whole world around us.

Satya Paul was born in Leigha, Muzaffargarh (now in Pakistan) and came to India at the time of partition. Till the late seventies he created a niche for himself and his creations in the fashion world. He established two of the best fashion stores of the country (Heritage and ?affaire) in Mumbai and Delhi. He was among the first few to work in tandem with the weavers and establishing a designer brand for the west.

He launched the brand Satya Paul in the year of 1985, anticipating the bright future of the fashion industry in the world. The Satya Paul Brand encompasses the saris, fabrics, ties and scarves. Satya Paul is a versatile designer and loves playing with the elements, designs and fabrics from all corners of the world. He always supported and promoted the diverse weaving crafts available in the country. He was one of the pioneers in using the latest technologies to create the designs. By the most innovative styling, he tried to change the form and designing of the traditional salwar-kameez and sari.


satyapaul creations

Most of the times he tried to take the dynamism and the movement from the winds, birds and the animals, the vibrant colors from the flowers, and the aesthetics from the music, paintings and the sculptures to create and enhance the style and the beauty of the today’s woman. As per the perception of Satya Paul for today’s woman of the world, she is a stunning, smart and responsive individual. She is a person with many faces- a caring and nurturing individual, a clever business go-getter, a world figure. Satya Paul created a whole range of the collections for the Lakme India fashion Week (LIFW) which include the constellation, zigzag, stripes, floral, Guatemala, and calligraphy etc.

The woman of Satya Paul carries the freshness and vivid colors from the flowers to reflect the love and happiness.

The mantle of the Satya Paul is being carried effectively by his son Puneet Nanda. Puneet tried his hands in almost all the avenues pertaining to the phenomenon called designing, starting from Photography, graphic design, textiles, finished garments and choreography of the famous fashion shows. Puneet tried to explore the possibility to use the potential offered by the digital designing. He came back to India in the year 2001 and joined the Satya Paul with his colleagues Jyoti Narula and Sanjay Kapoor. Puneet took over as the director of the designing with a vision of the Satya Paul that Let yourself appear as you are, and try to be as you appear. With this vision the Satya Paul started to take care of the designing needs of the individualsof the modern times with a global market in mind.

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The Satya Paul Designs always have the strong influence of the nature and the beauty associated with it. Each creation of Satya Paul has a distinct style and flavor which gives the added boost to the personality. For example the exclusive creation of the ‘Cricket’ saris designed Satya Paul and donned by Mandira Bedi or the collection ‘Madonna meets Sita’, where the traditional meets with modern designing.

In short Satya Paul has come here to stay for long time in the world of fashion and would create many exquisite and wonderful creations in near future.

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    ive said it

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    mast designs

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