Vastu plays important role in all aspects and corners of life. Earlier, it was limited to the wealth, property and happiness but now people have come to explore the tips and tricks of vastu which can enhance your love life too. We are all stressed and busy may be trying these vastu love tips, will be able to find that love, which is missing from everyone’s life.

*A happy couples bed room should always be constructed in the south-west direction.

*Get your room painted with light colours like green or light blue. Hang the picture depicting ocean on the front wall.

*Always keep the most romantic area of your house most beautiful.

*Bring light to the relationship by increasing the amount of light entering the house. Make your house lit until and unless you are ready to go off for   sleep.

*Use aroma candles for that love effect.

*Make sure you sleep pointing towards south corner.

*Dont let any part of your body face mirror in the room.

*Avoid negative thoughts.

*A bedroom should always be in a square or rectangle in order to ensure peace and love in life.

*Spread light colour bedsheets with romantic red roses or flower prints.

*Avoid cluttered things around as it blocks the flow of love in the room, Hence always keep your room clean.

*Try to add crystal decoratives in the room as it attracts light and positive energy which is good for your love life.


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