Colours play important role in life of a person. Its an quickest way to change or create a decorating scheme.
vastu shahtra has an importance of colours too. vastu gives you knowledge about how to use the colours for your different areas in different portion of your house.

Each and every colour has its own effect and in the same way it effects your living. According to the vastu shahtra colours should be in accordance with the zodiac sign of the person.

Zodiac sign           Colour suggested
 Aries                     Coral red
Taurus                   Milky white
Gemini                    Green
Cancer                   Rose red, Pearl white
Leo                        Ruby red, Dim white
Virgo                      Emerald green
Scorpio                   Pink, Coral red
Capricorn                 Dim red
Aquarius                  Pink, Blue
Pisces                     Yellow,Pure white

A particular colour can activate or can control human glands by different bodily functions. Such as
Good appetizer or low blood pressure patient– Light colours are rcommended
Stop overeating habits-  Blue  Colour recommended
Quiker healing–  Green colour recommended

There are many more things which effect our health and peace but colours also play a part in that. As aqua blue colour gives you cool effect and a room with dark, bright red gives you hot effect. so in the same way strategy in vastu works too.


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