There are five simple steps which should be followed for the perfect lipstick on your face. If you don’t want to reapply our lipstick again and again thrn you should know the right way to apply lipstick.20080618_woman_applying_lipstick_18

*Apply vaseline and then use a soft tooth brush to remove dead skin from your lips, brushing gently.

*Apply your foundation as you normally would, making sure you lighly cover your lips too.

*Apply lipliner that matches your lips or your lipstick exactly. To apply, it straight,rest your little finger on your chin and press the flattest side of the liner point on the middle of your cupid’s bow.Draw to the corner, sticking just inside the natural line of your lips. Once complete colour rest of the lips with pencil.

*Apply your lipstick with the lip brush, blending again from the middle down to the corners
of the mouth. If you are using very bright colour make sure to go right into the corners.

*Blow with tissue, Noe reapply another coat. Blot again. Add lip gloss if required.


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