*If you decide a lipstick is too bright for you once you’ve got it on -but scrubbing it off will ruin your foundation- mix a little foundation with vaseline and smear this over the shade with your fingertip to mute it.

* For emergency rehydration, pierce a vitamin E capsule,squeeze out the content and apply to the lips.Img222050452

*If your lip gloss is too gooey,run an ice cube over your lips. It will keep the shine but stop that sticky sensation.

*Dark, matt lipsticks sometimes stain the lips. If this happen, rub the lip with olive oil.

*Lip brushes should be washed after coming into contact with cold sores- or even when you have a cold as it will reinfect you later if not washed.

Top 5 Colour Tricks for Lips

*Orangey red lipsticks will highlight yellowy teeth, while bluey reds make them look whiter.

*Light shades-particularly shimmery or frosted ones-will make lip look bigger.

*Dark shades or matt finish will make lips look smaller.

*If you are fairly tanned you should choose bit darker shades of lipsticks than you would without your tan or you can look washed out.

*using sheer lipsticks and lip stains is an ideal way for the nervous to branch out into deep shades like plums,raisin and reds.

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