Stand in front of any beauty counter and you will see hundreds of eye, lip  and nail colours to choose from. Which you pick can make a massive difference- a shade which is wrong for you can make you look pale and washed out, on mature skin it can highlight wrinkles and age you up by 10 years. Knowing how to choose your hues for you is vital to help yourself look better.

 The good news is you can wear pretty any colour you want,so long as you pick the right shade. To do this you need to know two things:

1.Hair colour– You should know your exact hair colour to choose the right shades and hues for yourself because this shows you the depth or brightness of shade that will flatter you best- the lighter your hair, the lighter the shade that will suit you and the darker the hair, darker shades will be your preference.

2.Skin Tone– This helps reveal what colour or shades will suit you best. To determine your skin tone,look at the inside of your wrist, while holding it over a piece of white paper. Is the skin a shade of white, pink, blue or grey( which means you have a cool skin tone and need cool shades):or yellow or brown(which means you have a warm skin tone and need warm shades)

So, next before shopping for your beauty products always have a look on the colour of your hair and skin tone so that you can choose the right shade or hue for yourself.

3 Responses to “Which Colour Suits You?”

  • deepika says:

    i appreciate the way by which u just try to give the best guidence to your viewers.

  • what about black?

  • sahil says:

    me sahil 21 yrs of age very keen to know about ur fashion tips…my skin tone is brownish … wat tpe of shirts t-shirts sud i wear…n i prefer casuals rather den formals…my height is 5-6 inches n my chest is 40-45 cm. n my waist is 30..
    i’ll b obliged if u can help me to choose the right option 2 mak myself stylish…

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