When it comes to the shape and condition of your body, you are most definitely what you eat. Diet can help beat fat,fluied retention,protection of skin against sun damage.

To Loose WeightK5

Loosing weight is a matter of eating fewer calories then you burn. To work out how many calories you use a day multiply your weight in kilogramsby0.9 and ,multiply that total by 24. This is how many calories you use to fuel your body everyday.

*You should eat 500 calories fewer then what you have calculated as your intake for a safe weight loss of a half kilogram a week.

*For best result you should follow a diet high in fruit and vegetables and low in fat, with moderate protein and carbohydrate intake.

*Try plate portion rule: for every meal ensure half of your plate is fruit or vegetable except potato and half lean protein(tofu,beans and pulses).

To Gain Weight

Ofcourse! not everyone wants to loose weight. The foods that contain the most calories are normally the ones that are particularly bad for our health. To gain half a kilogram means eating 3500 calories more then normal, to do this safely, eat high nutrients, high calories snacks like nuts and seeds, bread, pasta, rice and couscous. Can also incorporate smoothies made out of milk, yoghurt, banana and strawberries. All of these will increase your calorie intake but won’t overload you with fat empty nutrients. 

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