Actually, it should have been like “why should girls do all the fashion?” you must be wondDm_1ering why. Let me end up the suspense here. Actually the brand IndiDenim which is known since long for its innovative styles, is now launching a super fashionable low-rise jeans for men, sorry ladies!

This launch of the low waist ‘men’s’ jeans has been named as “mission”. It has offered men with a golden chance to flaunt their super body in these low rise jeans. It has got a slimmer fit which gets through the hips and thighs, making men look extremely attractive and stylish. Along with these stylish features it beings along the trendy and sexy  back pockets which are curved in an innovative manner, giving you the desired modern look.

But for those who want to keep their attire plain and simple they can very well opt for the plain pockets, while those looking for something new have more than about 25 pocket options, which may differ in terms of detailing like embroidery, flaps and much more.

Apart from the pocket issue, these have got other variations in the form of fabrics, leg opening style – boot cut, straight, wide boot cut; and also the whiskering or sanding that may be done.

This is the third time that Indi Denim has launched innovation in fashion for jeans for men. Prior to this it had launched the Potrero classic and potrero relaxed styles in jeans.

It is worth mentioning t6a00d83453d93d69e200e54fa8d1678833-800wihat, this brand has not only availed men with a feel proud fashion attire but has also made shopping an easier task for men. It is because it offer three cuts with varying style features, which helps the customer to customize a pair of jeans that would suit their body and choice, hence the customer does not have to necessarily visit to the stores.

Enough for men, ladies pay attention here! Indi Denim has also added 25 new pocket features for women, along with wonderful embroidery options. One thing is to be noted that this brand does not as such have a fixed back pocket signature embroidery, instead it  offers its customers to have fun with designs and embroidery.

So that sums up for a perfect brand, where both men as well as women can find what they always looked for.

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