Actually there is not really any good place for bathroom according to feng shui. Still their wrong placement can have really bad and adverse affects on your life, love and luck.
Its obviously something easy to change the location of the bathroom, so here are some tips that you need to follow to let your bathroom stay wherever it is, without harming your luck and life prospects.

• You should hang a mirror just outside the bathroom door, or you can also hang it just above it.Ar119495791744631
• The toilet lid should be always kept down when not in use.
• It is also important to keep the drains covered all the time, except when they are in use.
• The storey just above the toilet should be decorated with picture of a bird, tree. It may also be in the form of a statue.
• From the middle of the bathroom ceiling, just hang a faceted crystal.
• In each corner of the bathroom, do keep an earth related object.
• If your bathroom is in the centre of the house then get the walls of the bathroom painted in red.
• Always keep the door of the bathroom closed.
• If there is a mirror in the bathroom then it is good to place a growing bamboo plant in the bathroom, you can keep it otherwise also.
• In order to balance the water energy in the bathroom, you should make use of the earthy objects like pottery case, soap cases etc.
• Always have ventilators in the bathroom.
• Try to make use of only golden color towels, as it helps avoid any down-drain effect.
• Your bathroom after use should be kept dry always.

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