Living rooms also forms a very important part in our house, so it becomes all the more important to take care for them the feng shui way.

In the living room the corners do obstruct the flow of energy, and hence you should make sure that there are no dark corners in your living room. For this you can have enough lighting arrangements, so that such dark corners are also brightened. Feng-shui-living-room

Art and feng shui are good friends, so you should also place good piece of art as well in your living room. It may be a colorful painting, or a beautiful vase, these help the flow of fresh energy in the room.

Avoid placing plants that are straight and are with thorns, in the living room. If you have a living room that is not much spacious and is small, then in order to make it look spacious you can place mirror on the wide wall side. This mirror should reflect good views, like from that of window etc. you have to be careful if placing a mirror, because a wrong placement will iniate the flow of negative energy in the surroundings.

Also if the living room is small, then just do not overload with all furniture you love. Remember cluttered living room is not desired as per the feng shui guidelines. Better have less furniture, so that your room looks neat and arranged.  Also try not to keep electronics like the music system, television sets in your living room.

The decoration of the living room should be such that is able to balance the yin and yang, i.e; the male and female energy. So, place some soft cushions on the sofa, a bunch of flowers on the centre table is a good idea as well. Dried flowers have got no importance in feng shui, you may keep them as decorative pieces and nothing more, still it is better not to have them in such spaces.

The seating arrangements for the guests should be such that they could see the door. A fish pot, a plant with round leaves etc. is always desirable, just get them now.

A wind chime at the entrance always soothes the mind and body.

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