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Boys have a general tendency that girls are attracted towards the guys who have looks, body, personality, and heavy pockets (of-course money). Well, it is good if they have all these but let me tell everyone out here, that girls run behind and log for something else.
Now all the guys here must be wondering what are these things after all? So, if you want to a perfect one for your girl then you ought to have the following qualities in you.

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Love is a feeling which can not be described in words and one who has felt love does not need an description.


So, in this whole busy year of 365 days, there is day called valentine day celebrated on the 14th of February on which the lovers express their love for someone who shares really a special place in their hearts. And as days are passing this day is becoming even more popular, people present cards, gifts, flowers etc to their loved ones expressing their love.

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