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One name, one brand, the designs and the look people just say wow when they talk about the most talented designer in India Manish Malhotra. Surprisingly not taken any professional training but immensly talented and creative man. Started his career by designing for friends and family members and now the list is enless. All celebrities are his client. Lets have a look on his journey to fashion world.

Glamour, fashion, money and fam goes hand in hand. Models, films tars and many more famous personalities make page 3 appearances but i guess who make them look stunning and sexy. The outfits created by our talented Indian designers and there houte couture. These fashion galleries have all from ethenics to ultra modern. Designers like Manish Malhotra is the best example of this combination. playing with colours or cuts Manish is the master and always ahead with his awesome and sexy outfits. Lets have a look on his creativity through this sexy short dresses.


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