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People love to drive but sometimes they  are afraid of proper night vision and hence avoid driving at night. But few things kept in mind can change the way you look at night and can give you a better night vision. For the best night vision you want to improve the optical quality of light entering your eyes, let me tell you how?

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You must have heard that our body is our temple. We need to take ample care of our body so that we can stay healthy and happy. And in order to stay healthy it is most important to have a healthy diet. Here is how!


• Nutreint rich foods:  You will be surprised to know that in order to stay ehalthy and to have ample intake of nutrients you neeed to have 40 different nutrients for good health. So in order to not to have a nutrient deficiency, you should include bread, whole grain products, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, fish and other protein foods in your daily food selection.But surely the decision that how much you should eat depends upon your calorie requirement.

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